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Book Club Lite

Location: PNC Fairfax Connection

Welcoming the same broad cross-section of participants who enjoy the Connection Book Club, focuses on news articles that reflect current events relevant to this Fairfax Connection community.  Book Club Lite, which will follow the same general format as the live version (content review, core question, analysis, and dialogue), leverages the complexity of the article’s nuances and core issues to foster discussion, exchange, and critical thinking. The result is a rich conversation that rises from and is fueled by the varied and diverse perspectives of the participants’ lived experiences–the same participants who have often said the Club to them feels like “a warm and supportive learning space.” Book Club Lite is simply the continuation of the same effective programming that supports the safety of social distancing, while also leveraging technology to bring people together to learn from and teach each other. Registration required. Register HERE

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Special Events


Adults, Seniors


Contact Felicia Davisfelicia.davis@pnc.com216-391-4712